Baroque Weddings

Baroque wedding suits Mario Moyano

Suitable wedding suits for a couple that want to feel like princess and and prince for one day and enjoy a wedding full of fantasy and romance. The wedding can be in the morning or in the evening, in a church or in civil in a castle or in a palace in baroque style. Unique and exclusive models worldwide, inspired in XV and XVI centuries by the ages of enchantment. Frock coats and Redingotes, made out of exclusive fabrics, brocades and pure silk jacquard, embroideries, precious handmade details and perfectly matching accessories with the taste and the fantasy that such a romantic and legendary collection requires. Redingotes and jackets with precious details and handmade embroideries, always inspired by the ages of legendary warriors and designed in harmony to make the dream of a couple become true and make them catch the eyes of everyone.
Frock coat Baroque collection Mario Moyano.

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