GEMINIS allows today's women to express themselves boldly, confidently, and elegantly through unconventional tailored suits. Here, we celebrate the beauty of individuality and authenticity. Each suit is a personalized masterpiece crafted with mastery. GEMINIS takes you on a journey where tailoring merges with contemporary fashion to create unique garments that reflect your style and personality.

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  • Baroque

    Discover the magic of Baroque style on your special day with our exquisite sartorial attire for women. Inspired by the charms of the 15th and 16th centuries, this exclusive design will transform your wedding into a fairy tale come true. Crafted with pure silk fabrics, brocades, and jacquards to capture the essence of the era. From light to dark tones, our frock coats and corsets are the epitome of elegance and fantasy. Become the protagonist of your own princess story with an ensemble that will transport you to a world of dreams and romance

  • Color

    Explore the art of elegance with our exclusive 'Color' collection. Each piece is a celebration of vibrant tones and captivating hues, designed for the woman who embraces the beauty and uniqueness of every color. From bold shades that command attention to softer tones that enchant the eye, each garment is crafted with masterful skill to offer timeless elegance. Choose your color and immerse yourself in the sophistication and personality that only bespoke attire can provide.

  • Geminis Party Blazer

    Sparkle with style in glamorous nights with our 'Party Blazers' collection. Each piece is an ode to elegance and boldness, designed for the woman who seeks to stand out with class in the most exclusive parties. From dazzling details to impeccable cuts, each blazer is a masterpiece of tailoring, adding a touch of glamour to every step. Make every party unforgettable with your impeccable and sophisticated look, never compromising your sartorial essence

  • Rock Soul

    Welcome to the rebellious heart of women's fashion! Our collection of bespoke rock-inspired dresses is designed for bold women who embrace their individuality with grit and unique style. Here you'll find garments that exude rock energy, with details that enhance femininity and strong character. From tailored cuts to daring accents, each piece is crafted to express your personality without compromise. Choose from dresses that blend elegance and edge, and accessories that complete your look with a touch of mystery and charm. Whether it's a concert, a night out in the city, or a special event, our rock-inspired bespoke dresses will make you feel confident and powerful on every occasion. Join us in exploring the wild side of women's fashion and let your rebellious spirit shine through every seam, every detail, and every determined step. Be bold. Be rockstars. Be yourselves.

  • Gothic Fashion

    Collection that showcases a bold woman, lover of darkness, mysterious yet sophisticated with a romantic soul. Appropriate dresses for weddings and alternative theme parties of high style. Created for a woman who loves to stand out, expressing her strong personality, redingote and Korean models made with brocade or damask fabrics, exclusive designs created by Mario Moyano. Each piece is crafted with luxury embroideries or precious stones, enriched with gothic-style metal accessories that enhance the strong personality of those who opt for this collection. A collection that is based on the importance of shades and the dark, mysterious style.

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